Hall Benefit Group


Hall Benefit Group LLC (HBG) offers over 200 professionally designed, completely customizable branding and marketing pieces including TV commercials, print ads, multimedia sales presentations, direct mail, video sales tools, news letters, etc. These resources give you the necessary tools to effectively brand your business in every possible way!

HBG Marketing Partners

Michael J. Beck www.TheInsuranceCoach.com

Quotit Corporation www.quotit.net

Javelin Marketing http://www.insurance-lead.ws/hbg.html

Norvax/Prospect Zone www.norvax.com

HBG/Cygnus financial software www.cygnussoft.com
IncomeMax is a goal-driven Total Needs Selling Software tool that enables users to quickly capture, analyze and illustrate a client's most common needs.

B.A.S.I.C. Services www.basicflex.com
FSA, HRA, HSA and COBRA coordination

Network 2 Networth www.network2networth.com
Network development program and coaching.

Koda Creative Inc. www.kodacreative.com
Marketing, branding, and website development.

Strategic Results Marketing LLC www.QueenofMarketing.com
Business coaching, marketing, and business development.